Lee-Sure Pools services on in-ground pools include, re-plastering, tile repair, new tile installation, deck resurfacing and complete deck removal and replacement, along with complete pool-related plumbing work.


Decorative concrete is great for pool decks. Many different looks can be simulated with our array of concrete designs and colors. These designs included broom, salt, and stamped finishes. Our promise is to provide customers with the highest quality concrete. Our concrete is 3000-psi, air entrained and fiber re-enforced. We use non-rotting PVC expansion joints or tooled control joints strategically placed to help prevent cracking. Our decorative concrete can be enhanced with additional coloring and Miracle Glaze sealer. Miracle Glaze sealer helps prevent tire marks and staining from spills.


Our plaster is a special mixture of white cement and carefully-selected marble. Traditional pool plaster is smooth and white, but we also offer many different colors that can be applied with the plaster to your swimming pool surface for a unique look.
Quartz and Stone interior pool surfaces are actually a plaster surface with Quartz or Stone aggregate mixed in. Quartz and Stone are non-porous, very hard materials that are more stain resistant than traditional plaster alone. With a Quartz or Stone finish you can expect more longevity out of your new pool finish. As well as being more durable and stain resistant Quartz and Stone finishes add a dynamic look to your pool reminiscent of a mountain stream or lake bed.


New water line tile can update your pool and make it look new and refreshing. There are many different styles and colors available from natural looking stone to traditional blue.
If your existing tile needs repair or cleaning, we have a process to clean tile and make it look good as new.


Acidwashing is a technique used to clean most pool surfaces. Gunite plastered pools will often stain and discolor and become rough due to calcium scale forming on the surface. Our experienced crews are properly trained and equipped to maximize removal of stains, dis-colorization and calcium scale with out damaging the plaster.

Leak Detection

Keeping water in a pool can be difficult, evaporation and splash-out are the two main reasons why a pools water level will drop. However, if a pool is leaking it can become more than just an inconvenience it can become a problem. Even the smallest un-repaired hole can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost per day. In addition to the replacement cost of the water, leaks in your pool will increase chemical demands, and may lead to more serious structural and mechanical problems. The longer a leaking pipe, light or pool shell is left un-repaired the more costly it will be to fix. We provide a qualified and experienced pool leak detection service that enables us to effectively find pool leak locations and provide solutions to repair the leaks.

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