At Lee-Sure pools we offer pools service, maintenance, remodels, and new builds. Whether it is a commercial job or a residential job, we promise to handle each stage of the process with quality, communication, and care.

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Lee-Sure Pools services on in-ground pools include, re-plastering, tile repair, new tile installation, deck resurfacing and complete deck removal and replacement, along with complete pool-related plumbing work.









Decorative concrete is great for patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks. Many different looks can be simulated with our array of concrete designs and colors. These designs included broom, salt, and stamped finishes. Our promise is to provide customers with the highest quality concrete. Our concrete is 3000-psi, air entrained and fiber re-enforced. We use non-rotting PVC expansion joints or tooled control joints strategically placed to help prevent cracking. Our decretive concrete can be enhanced with additional coloring and Miracle Glaze sealer. Miracle Glaze sealer helps prevent tire marks and staining from spills


DesignCrete is an epoxy based acrylic micro-topping that can be applied over practically any solid surface and can be colored and textured to meet your individual desires. Compared to pavers, slate, granite, and natural stone, DesignCrete is extremely cost effective. Interior floors, exterior patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways are ideal for the application of DesignCrete.

DesignCrete is available in various colors and has simulated looks in flagstone, brick, marble, acid stain and Saltillo tile. DesignCrete is a non-porous material making it easy to clean with a water hose or pressure washer with any degreaser liquid.


Whether you’re looking for a quality Fiberglass or Gunite pool we have the experience, quality and reputation that you can count on and have peace of mind with.


Our Latham Fiberglass pools have a Lifetime warrantee and offer a 20 year surface warranty on its Crystite® G2 and G3 Finishes. Fiberglass swimming pools are Echo Friendly and swimming pool installation can be done in 4 weeks. Fiberglass Strength prevents cracking in freeze and thaw climates like New Mexico and is 17 times stronger than concrete. Smooth finish means no abrasions, non-porous surface resists the problems associated with imbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance, labor, electric and is algae resistant. In other words, Latham Fiberglass pools are much more forgiving and easier to care for than a gunite plastered pool. There are 40 styles of shapes and sizes to choose from. Optional perimeter tile, inlaid tile on steps and tile mosaics. Built in water features, 6 color LED lighting with remote control and automatic pool cleaning systems. For more information on Latham Fiberglass Pools go to: www.lathampool.com


Our Gunite pools are constructed with precision and quality and have a Lifetime warranty on the shell of the pool. Gunite pools can essentially be built in any shape, size and depth to create the perfect fit and addition for any backyard. There are many tile options to choose from like perimeter tile, inlaid tile in the steps and tile mosaics. Plaster finish options include; white marble plaster, colored marble plaster, and stone or quartz finishes. Built in water features, slides and hot tub additions are all possible. LED lighting, automatic pool cleaning systems and pool covers.








We offer year-round pool service and maintenance options contact us for all your pool service needs. With weekly pool and spa cleaning services and chemical treatments we aim to deliver the highest quality pool care around Albuquerque.  It is our promise to communicate with our customers using email and text through our state of the art chemical tracking software. Schedule a service appointment today.

Does your pool need a repair? We can help! Our certified pool repair experts have the right solution to your pool problems. We offer full-service pool repair and leak detection. We can repair and replace all major brands of swimming pool equipment including pool pumps, motors, heaters, filters, timers, lights, pool cleaners, and automation systems.

We specialize in hidden pool and spa leaks. We have over 40 years of experience repairing pools, which set us apart from all other leak detection companies in the area. We identify leaks and can fix them. If a leak is found early it can save money, reduce damage and protect property value.